Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Mail

I love it when I open the mail box, and amongst all of the mail not worth mentioning, I find an oh so pretty catalog.  Today, I opened the mailbox, and there was a catalog from Bella Bliss.  I had never heard of them before, but now I think I must be their number one fan.  You just have to look at this.  Just have to. Adorable, no?

S041-b/Boy Hand Smocked BubbleS073/John John
S320/Girl Pima RomperS205/Boy Baby BubbleS041g/Smocked Pima Girl Bubble

I love love John Johns on little boys.  In fact, last week, I bought a vintage John John pattern, and as soon as it arrived, I had to sew it up. It's a lime seersucker romper, and now, all I have to do is finish hemming it.  {By the way, that is my least favorite part of sewing.}  I'll have to post some pictures of my little man in it.  

And, take a look at these little dresses.

S113/Aubrey DressF205/Daisy Dress

and these bloomers

S040/Pima Bloomer

and this car coat.  Oh, so sweet!!

S209/Car Coat

And, their pajamas are so soft and perfect looking.  Just so snuggly.   

F053/Footed LoungewearF008/Printed Onesie with Collar
F006/Printed Kimono Set

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  1. It's beyond cute!! And you're right, we just had to...


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