Monday, May 23, 2011

New Prints

Wow, it has really been a long time, hasn't it?  Well, I sort of have a good excuse.  I've finally added some new prints in the shop.  These have been sitting around, wasting space in my head, and at long last, they have taken shape.    I just can't seem to get enough of bunnies and elephants.  

And, we've  started our garden.  It seems to take such a long time and lots of work before the soil is just right for the tender little plants to grow.  It's going to be mainly a zuchinni/ squash garden with herbs, since while we love tomatoes, we just can't seem to keep the backyard birdies away from them.  We've had much better luck with squash.  And, it's delicious.  

Up So High 8x10 Archival Print Red Hair
So Nice to Meet You 8x10 Archival Print
Bunny Party 8x10 Archival Print
Just What I Always Wanted 8x10 Archival Print Brown Haired


  1. Hello! I was visiting your Etsy shop and saw that you had a fall sale going on. My question is - how long is this sale until? I would love to purchase a couple of prints but may not be able til November.

  2. definitely! I've followed you on google
    your blog is lovely by the way,waiting you on my blog xxx

  3. I like your blog,nice creativity...


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